THOMAS - real German quality
THOMAS – quality assurance!
According to the surveys made by the international research organization YouGov, among consumers around the world, the label "Made in Germany" is a guarantee of the highest quality. Thomas designs and manufactures its premium products in its own factory in Neunkirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen. This is where your vacuum cleaner will go from to its new home.
THOMAS - real German quality
We know how to make vacuum cleaners!
THOMAS is a renowned brand of the German family business Robert Thomas, Metall-und Elektrowerke GmbH & Co. KG, located in Neunkirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen. The company is managed by the fourth generation of the Thomas family, in accordance with tradition, but looking to the future.
For more than 120 years, our company has been manufacturing products of the highest quality. We know how to make state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners because we design and manufacture only them, without being distracted by hair dryers, kettles and toothbrushes.
Our air cleaning and washing technologies with the use of the natural properties of water are unique. Due to them, Thomas vacuum cleaners create a safe and healthy environment by removing dust, allergens and harmful particles from surfaces in your home and the air in it.
Company buildings in Neunkirchen and customer service center in Burbach-Walbach
Company buildings in Neunkirchen and customer service center in Burbach-Walbach
Company buildings in Neunkirchen and customer service center in Burbach-Walbach
Company buildings in Neunkirchen and customer service center in Burbach-Walbach
Awards, certificates and technologies
Real German quality
Real German
German Innovation Award
«Innovation Award»
Allergy approved
Water filter AquaBOX
Water filter
Air purification water system
Air purification
water system
DryBOX cyclone filter
cyclone filter
THOMAS - real cleaning, not imitation!
Vacuum cleaners with aqua filtration system
THOMAS unique aqua filters with innovative Wet-Jet dust suppression technology capture 99.99% of fine dust and 100% of pollen.
The air after vacuuming feels clean and fresh!
Additionally installed washable HEPA 13 filter.
Vacuum cleaners with cyclone filter DryBOX
The DryBox cyclone filter with fractional dust separation system has different compartments for coarse debris and fine dust. Always ready for use and does not need regular cleaning.
Great for quick vacuuming of dry debris.
The design of the dust tank makes it easy and without dust exhaust to “rescue” accidentally vacuumed objects, for example, parts and pieces of children's toys.
Multifunctional vacuum cleaners with two filter systems:
Water filter AquaBOX
Cyclone filter DryBOX
If desired, you can purchase and install disposable HEPA bags with a high degree of dust retention. Recommended for cleaning specific dry waste, e.g. after repairs.
Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning
Deep cleaning of carpets from debris and dust.
Thorough cleaning of carpets from pet hair, thread and hair.
Cleaning smooth floors.
Effective cleaning of upholstered furniture from hair and wool.
Careful collection of dust and debris in hard-to-reach places.
Vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning
Wet cleaning (washing) of carpets and rugs
Wet cleaning of hard floors.
Deep washing of upholstered furniture.
Minimum residual moisture after cleaning.
Washing Parquet and Laminate
The unique Aqua Stealth nozzle gently vacuums, washes and dries parquet or laminate just in two moves.
The design of the nozzle allows you to avoid getting wet the surfaces and their further damaging.
After cleaning, the floor is clean and dry!
The THOMAS centralized cleaning system is an excellent investment in cleanliness, comfort and health!
Quiet, comfortable,
allergy friendly!
THOMAS central cleaning system with remote control.
Simple: Easy installation without additional electrical wiring.
Convenient: There is no need to carry a heavy unit. Due to this, the load on the back is significantly relieved.
Silent: You can talk or listen to music while you work.
Beneficial for health: With 100% dust removal, there is no possibility for the growth of harmful bacteria and micro-organisms.
Join us for something special!
No more lugging your vacuum cleaner up and down stairs!
You can vacuum and dust less often. There will be no more need for endless removal of dust particles that settle on carpets, furniture and curtains.
Convenient remote control ensures flawless operation even over large areas.
Up to 6 users can vacuum at the same time.
Thoughtful design for comfortable cleaning!
Convenient socket connection
socket connection
Remote control on the handle
Remote control
on the handle
High - quality vacuuming without dust and noise
High - quality vacuuming
without dust and noise